Stephen Arulogun LSC

Regarding the article: LSC acts to ban two, including ‘litigation process consultant’ [16.12.2021].


Stephen Arulogun is an Industrial Advocate – he advocates for employers, employees and government workers involved in industrial and workplace disputes, including applications before the Fair Work Commission and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. Stephen also provides advice on employment and industrial relations issues. He is rightfully qualified to do so.


Whilst acting as a ‘McKenzie Friend’ in for a previous business, Stephen Arulogun was referred to the Legal Services Commission (LSC) by Judge Barlow regarding concerns that Stephen had provided unqualified legal advice. The LSC made an injunction application against Stephen. The Court dismissed the LSC’s injunction application after Stephen entered into an undertaking not to provide legal advice. The outcome of this matter is no different from the position Stephen was in previously, where the work performed by Stephen did not involve the provision of legal services or legal advice.


Stephen remains qualified to provide advice on industrial relations matters for employees and employers, and is lawfully permitted to act as an Industrial Advocate.