Comprehensive Support for Employers:
Power through Major Workplace Redundancy with your Workplace Partner.

Empowering Employers: Guidance, Compliance, and Solutions for a Thriving Workplace

Comprehensive Support for Employers: Power through Major Workplace Change Redundancy with your Workplace Partner.

Empowering Employers: Guidance, Compliance, and Solutions for a Thriving Workplace

Consultation about Major Workplace Change Redundancy

Major workplace change is a major change in production, program, organisation, structure, or technology that is likely to have a significant effect on employees. Before an employer can terminate an employee by making them redundant, they must undertake a consultation process. This obligation arises when an employer makes a definite decision to implement such major changes.

The process typically involves:

  1. Giving Notice of the Changes: The employer must give notice of the changes to all employees who may be affected by them and their representatives (if any), providing clear information about the proposed changes and the reasons behind those changes.

  2. Seeking the Employees’ Input: The employer must genuinely seek the views of the affected employees as soon as practicable after a definite decision has been made to implement major workplace change. This consultation must cover the introduction of the changes; their likely effect on employees; and measures to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of the changes on employees. This consultation must include an opportunity for employees to express their views and have those views considered.

  3. Considering Alternatives: After seeking and considering the employees’ input, the employer should explore alternative options, such as redeployment within the company if feasible.

  4. Providing Support: The consultation process must include offering support and resources to the employees, such as access to counseling or assistance with job searching if redundancy is the final decision.

  5. Adhering to Legal Obligations: Depending on the jurisdiction, specific laws, industrial instruments, and company policies may set out additional requirements for the consultation process.

  6. Note: The obligation to give notice of the proposed changes does not require an employer to disclose any confidential information if its disclosure would be contrary to the employer’s interests.

  7. Significant Effects on Employees: The term “significant effects” on employees includes any of the following:

    (a) termination of employment;

    (b) major changes in the composition, operation or size of the employer’s workforce or in the skills required;

    (c) loss of, or reduction in, job or promotion opportunities;

    (d) loss of, or reduction in, job tenure;

    (e) alteration of hours of work;

    (f) the need for employees to be retrained or transferred to other work or locations;

    (g) job restructuring.

Major Workplace Change and Redundancy services for employers

IR Advocates provides the following services to employers undertaking major workplace change and redundancy processes.

  • Expert Guidance and Compliance: IR Advocates provides employers with sound advice on their legal obligations under the applicable modern award and Fair Work Act 2009, ensuring compliance with all relevant statutes.

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation: IR Advocates assists employers in formulating and executing a clear strategy for major workplace changes, including detailed decision-making processes, proper notification to employees, and careful planning of timelines. This methodical approach contributes to an orderly and respectful transition process, recognizing the needs and rights of all parties involved.

  • Facilitation of Consultation Process: Skilled in the established practices of mediation and negotiation, IR Advocates orchestrates the consultation process between employers and employees, managing it with fairness and transparency. This includes scheduling and leading consultation meetings and accurately documenting meeting minutes.


These services, grounded in proven methods and professional integrity, underscore IR Advocates’ commitment to the traditional principles of industrial relations. By partnering with IR Advocates, employers gain the assurance of a firm that prioritizes legal adherence, methodical planning, and open communication, all of which are fundamental to a successful workplace transition.

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