Our Vision

IR Advocates’ vision is to ensure that every employee and every workplace is treated fairly. We strive to revolutionise the way employers and employees resolve disputes by providing low-cost yet effective services. We are your trusted workplace experts in human resources (HR) and industrial relations (IR) in Brisbane. We work with passion and integrity to ensure our clients get the entitlements they deserve.

IR Advocates was formed out of a drive to ensure fair and just outcomes for all clients: employers, employees, or government workers.

Employees: We have had extensive experience advocating on behalf of workers who have been unfairly discriminated against, dismissed or faced other workplace issues in contravention of the Fair Work Act. We have represented clients in disputes around Australia across many industries. Our streamlined approach ensures that disputes are resolved expeditiously in line with legislative requirements. Our clients achieve outcomes that meet or exceed their expectations

Employers: we assist employers with managed HR services including terminations, classification of workers, redundancy, wages/benefits and awards. We offer IR services including employee and labour relations, dispute resolution and more.


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Our Director - Stephen Arulogun

Stephen Arulogun has extensive experience advocating on behalf of employees and employers who have faced workplace issues contravening the Fair Work Act 2009.

As an Industrial Advocate, Stephen’s industry experience allows him to provide tailored professional advice to employees, employers and contractors across industries such as building/construction, social/community/disability support workers, community services, hospitality, transport, clerical and more.

Stephen’s goal is to establish himself as a reliable, long-term expert. He offers straightforward solutions to complex workplace issues. He works with his clients in an honest, compassionate, personable and professional manner, providing strategy and technical advice, as well as dealing with urgent matters.

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